Livestock keeping is a vogue, noble idea with profound fiscal and otherwise benefits. Fencing livestock in 2022 must be a necessity in keeping with the new developments in livestock keeping. 

I acknowledge the reality that not all farmers have dirtied their hands in this for economic gains; some merely engage in it just for the love of animals. Even in that, the need to enclose the animals is the fact that cuts across. 

Let me walk you slowly into some of why it is undoubtedly necessary to have a fenced enclosure around your farm.

  1. Pasture Management

Pasture is a big deal on every livestock farm. Most farmers depend on natural weather to regenerate animal feeds. With global warming and the unpredictability of the rainy seasons, many farmers have run into trouble maintaining the feeding program.

A well-fenced livestock farm could be the last magic nail required to bury this pasture completely. 

All you need to do is partition your farm into paddocks by using a fence. The fence used here can be temporary or even permanent depending on the needs and financial muscles of the farmer, especially when fencing livestock in 2022.

Animals can feed on pasture in one paddock while giving field in other paddocks time to regrow before moving to the next paddock.

  1. Stock Protection

Running into losses is never the dream of any farmer. Any loose end that may cause losses must be fixed. One such loose end is living on your farm unfenced. An open farm is a rich, fattening camp for predators. Hyenas, lions, and wild canines will be frequent visitors to your farm. 

Another loss-wielding group is the animal bandits. Living your farm open gives them the unnecessary lead in their quest to turn you into a pauper. Since no one adores losses, I believe that fencing livestock in 2022 is an activity that we can never run.

  1. Aesthetics

Beauty and color appeal to the eye. Human beings are naturally attracted to beautiful things; nature has it so. A well-thought-out and skillfully put-up fence will protect your animals and increase your farm’s visual outlook and value.

Fencing livestock in 2022 will portray you as a more organized farmer. This kind of facelift will increase the value of your products and even the farm itself if you put it up for sale.


In this generation, Electric fence supplier, a well-managed farm with a vision to make more money out of farming must embrace technological changes in the field. The mental preparedness must also tilt towards circumventing all manner of losses. Fencing is necessary.