Installing doors, frames, floors, fences, kitchens, cabinets and windows when done manually need support of three people to put them in place to apply the hinges. The tool has made the operation simple as it uses a new technology. It’s a quality, well constructed tool. It has a lot of strength and useful in many applications. It’s useful in small tasks beam alignment as well as huge jobs.  

The following are Viking Arm tool uses:

The tool is used in installation by professionals of high quality buildings and also affordable by enthusiasts for home improvement. It is a tool used to clamp frames, windows, doors and many other construction or innovation that need to be tightly fitted into a position predefined. It lifts approximately 150kg weight therefore it is not limited on its work.  

Balancing of materials in position by lifting and screwing bolts enables this tool to operate ingeniously. It makes complicated tasks simple. Viking tool for lifting, clamping, pressing, or tightening makes fitter work simple.    

Specifications for Viking 

It consists of steel hardened parts and few others are made of aluminum. It has power to lift heavier loads put in strong bolts with the capacity to lift 150kgs weight easily. It can clamp a size of 6 and 215 millimeters making it an amazing device to fix your windows, doors, floors, frames, cabinets, fences and any home fixture you may have.  

Its base is wide and stainless steel making its foundation strong to lift without strain for heavier things. The stand measures 5 by 105 by 87 millimeters, a stand proportionate to carriage weight. It has mounting holes which when used makes its operation safe and accurate. It is not heavy but 1.4kg which makes it easy to carry along anywhere you need it. 

Key features and their advantages 

The tool is designed to clamp, lift or press with great accuracy in an unimaginable time span. Work which takes long to lift, position and clamp, can now take little time to complete. The tool is simple to use, impactful and impressive which is designed to fit your hand. It replaces many traditional tools because it can perform several jobs. 

 It holds materials to position tightly and accurately therefore providing fitters with safety which lead to inspired creativity opportunity secure standard performance at unbelievable speed. Using this tool, you can do 10 tasks more than using traditional tools.      

Accurate and faster performance leads to money and time saving therefore increasing productivity. It makes long lasting and strong construction faster as compared to other tools.  The machine is value for your money considering its service and durability. The components are of the highest quality. 


Oryx Viking Tools Arm uses have made construction and fitting fixtures a simple operation. The machine is easy to operate and durable. There is no need for standby people for support, no struggling with fixtures. You only slide your fixture to the clamp letting the tool perform the rest. The tool is amazing to plumbers and technicians.