Roofing materials have developed over time and are now available in many different materials including clay tiles, cement tiles, slates, metal, asphalt shingles, and wood. All these materials can be used for the roofing of the house, and each comes with its pros and cons. Here is a look at the commonly used materials and why you may consider them.

Asphalt shingles – they are the most preferred roofing materials. They are made of asphalt, and either paper fiber mat or glass fiber mat fused together and coated with mineral granules. They are not very heavy and therefore don’t require a lot of reinforcing of the support beam. They are made to last at least 20 years. They are made to cater for the different climatic needs of the various regions. For instance, for humid climates, they have the algae resistant ones to prevent staining.

Clay tiles – these are of course tiles made from clay. They are therefore quite heavy and can last a long time. They are fire resistant also which is good in case of a fire. On the downside, they are brittle and may break easily. They require a reinforced support due to their weight according to the top roofing Coquitlam firm. They can be used on moderate to steeper sloped roofs.

Plastic polymer shingles

They are made from plastic. Therefore, they are very durable and low maintenance. They are made to resemble the slates or wooden shakes. Therefore, they are appealing on the roof. They are made light and therefore do not require a lot of reinforcement. They are also fire and wind resistant. They can easily be recycled when they are replaced making them eco-friendly.

Metal roofing

This is long lasting and is fire and wind resistant. A metal roof is not easy to blow off or burn. Metal roofing is available in sheets or as shingles. They do not absorb a lot of heat as compared with asphalt. They are also made to be very lightweight. They can be recycled when replaced. The materials used in the metal roofs are copper, steel, aluminum or zinc alloys.

Concrete roofing tiles

They are heavy and therefore require highly reinforced beams. They last long periods and are fire resistant. They are made to resemble clay tiles, slates or wood shakes. They can break under pressure, but they are low maintenance.

Wood shakes and shingles

These are traditional roofing materials that have been there for long. They are made from rot resistance trees such as cedar or redwood. They give the house a natural look which can help make a design statement. They are wind resistance but are not fire resistant. Some jurisdictions may put restrictions on their use because of that.

All these options are available in different colors and designs for your preference.